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We Are Providing The Most Useful Villa Life
We redifined the "deteached villa with garden" style life, in line with our experience in the business and our domestic and overseas studies on detached villa life. During the project development period of the BatıMahal, primarily we improved the standarts for expectations from "a room" function and size requirements.
We saw that the expectations of all family members on villa consisting of rooms of which all the functions are realized. We built your life in your new home with a brand new settlement, a concept of living, which we name it "TWO STOREY VILLA"

We designed the spaces in a most appropriate way for theri functions by defining the "day and night" usage areas within two storey villa building philosophy.
We crowned the architectural design in line with the building design that took shape, with the maximum quality on all the materials we use. You will discover the life standarts that we changed, in BatıMahal "Göl Vadisi"

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